Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sea Ice Dance

The ice covering the Ross Sea is, at times, feet thick. It melts in the austral summer and goes out to sea, just to reform later. When the ice is thick it appears solid and immovable.

This video shows just how powerful are ocean tides. They lift the ice every day. Also, you might notice the periodic appearance of penguins and a seal. Click on the image of the sea ice above to be taken to the gallery showing a time lapse video showing the incredible movement, melt, and breakup of the ice. In the gallery are also two pictures of our nearby penguin friend, Oswald.


eyedoc said...

WOW! What an incredible video! It wasn't until I saw the Sea Lion that I could determine what a huge area we were looking at. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That was an amazing video. Thanks for sharing.

Polar Doc said...

That "Sea Lion" was a Wedell Seal.