Thursday, December 4, 2008

Birthday Wishes Arrive

Mrs. Shuwarger's Fifth Grade Class at Forest Elementary School send me handmade birthday cards! I am proudly displaying them for all to see on the wall outside my office.

All the cards are great and I so enjoyed receiving them. Thank you to all the children in the class. One of the cards gave me an extra laugh. It is from Peter. His card reminds me of a TV show and book by the late comedian, Art Linkletter: Kids Say The Darndest Things. The picture below is of the card Peter designed.

What can I say? 


Karen said...

Happy Birthday to you Dr. S!!! I have been sitting here catching up on your blog and absolutely love it!! Your pics, descriptions, and explanations are a wonderful way let us all know what life is like in the VERY deep south:) I am so often reminded of living in Vermont when it would be -20 yo -60 below and how just when you get all dressed in your gear and are ready to go you suddenly remember that you had to pee! Here's hoping you remember BEFORE you get all decked out. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing your adventure with the rest of us chickens that like to be warm. Take care, Karen McCharen

J MAN said...

PETER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got your card hung up great job amigo - -