Monday, August 4, 2008

Deployment Date Moved Up

My original contract had a deployment date of approximately 04 October. I was ready to take off the month of September, get the supplies I need, finalize financial and family details, and wing out of Lynchburg for training toward the end of September. Well, as you can already tell from the title of this post, that plan was changed.

In an email from my medical director, he mentioned getting together with me for dinner when I'm training in Denver on 02 September. That was the first time I had heard that date, but it wasn't to be the last.

After some phone calls, it became apparent last Thursday that 02 September is the day I depart Lynchburg. After a couple of days in Denver, I depart Denver for Christchurch, New Zealand on 05 September. There I will be outfitted with Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) Gear at the Clothing Distribution Center (CDC).

As you might imagine, this kicks me into high gear. My posts between now and deployment may be sparse. I'm out buying polypropylene long underwear and other required items.

Thanks to everyone who wrote with their words of encouragement and support. I hope you follow along with the blog and take a moment of your precious time to leave comments when the mood strikes you.


Odie said...

The quartermaster/recruitment officer from my volunteer rescue squad got hired to be a firefighter at McMurto for the same timeframe you'll be down there.

Keep an eye out for him, shouldnt be too hard to spot the only completely bald firefighter there (alopecia). His name is Matt!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think Briana arranged for the earlier deployment. She is hoping for some peace and quiet for the first time since she was married to the snoring, non-sleeping, late telephone call getting, cold feet and occasional off-color aroma Doc. Enjoy!

VictoriaT905 said...

Rock ON, Don! What an ADVENTURE! The move of departure date will possibly be a little crazy-making...but ohhhhh so worth it!

I am in Honduras diving now...first time here and it's fab! No fire-coral-esque stories to tell yet, but I'll keep you posted ; )))


dr mary ann said...

So, no fooling around. Just kick it into high gear and get going. Best of luck and send us some great photos from the bottom of the world.

Mary Ann

Bubba's Sis said...

What an adventure! I'll be sure to keep in touch while you are there! Be sure to pack your longjohns!

kris said...

Bubba's sis sent me here and I will put you in my reader to keep up with your adventure! My FIL was stationed at McMurdo staion in the 60's, I have some awesome pics and stories from him! GOod luck and stay warm...yeah right.
kris~in TX

fruitfulwords said...

What an awesome opportunity. I'll be staying informed via Google reader.

I came here through Bubba's sis.

Jon said...

Thanks for Chris's email.. have already sent him a note.. will let you know .... good luck.. btw -taking your snorkel with you?