Friday, August 29, 2008

Ready, Set, ...

The green duffel bag is packed with 48 lbs. of clothing and gear. The backpack is loaded with computer, camera, iPod, chargers, cables and Passport. I've double checked the packing list.

One doesn't get too upset if something is forgotten when traveling domestically. Usually it can be replaced at the destination. That does not work for this trip. If it is needed and it was not packed, too bad.

Next stop: Denver, Colorado for two days of training. During that time, the IT department will check my computer for viruses and be sure that I have a functioning anti-viral software installed. I'll update this site with more details as they are known, but as of now my anticipated itinerary is as follows:
  • 02 Sep – Lynchburg to Denver
  • 03 Sep – Training
  • 04 Sep – Training in the morning. Depart for airport in afternoon.
  • 04 Sep – Denver to LA to Auckland to Christchurch. Arrive in the evening of the same day!
  • 05 Sep – Report to the CDC to be issued ECW gear
  • 06 Sep – Possibly leave for McMurdo Station
According to other writers and official sources, the flight from Christchurch to Antarctica is weather-dependent. If the weather cooperates, we will report to the Antarctica Terminal on a specified date and time. Our bags will be loaded, not to be returned to us until we arrive in Antarctica. We are to wear much of our ECW gear aboard the plane. We will be allowed a small carry on bag. In this bag should be a change of clothes....more on that in a moment.

When the plane is in-flight, the weather at McMurdo will be evaluated. If it remains favorable then we continue on. If by the point-of-no-return the weather has become unfavorable, then the plane "boomerangs" and returns to Christchurch and we deplane with just the small carry on bag mentioned above. We will stay in Christchurch until the weather permits another flight. That's why we need the change of clothes. The process repeats itself until we arrive at McMurdo.


Art Gorski said...

Gotta love those bureaucrats demanding that you have anti-virus software on a Mac! Heh.

Evil Transport Lady said...

Wow how exciting! Keep us posted when you can!

dr mary ann said...

Well, here you go. Best of luck on making it the first time. We'll keep watching this blog for updates and photos(?).

ZShuGirl said...

Please take care of yourself Big Brother!! We need you!! I wish I could have been there to help celebrate!! Mom and Dad said the party was really nice!! Be safe, keep warm and remember that there's a lot of people who love you!! Enjoy this amazing experience and make sure to have some fun too!! I love you!!