Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Antarctica Facts

You can click the map of Antarctica to be redirected to the CIA World Fact Sheet on Antarctica. There are listed some interesting facts about the continent.

Monday it was bitter cold with wind chill factor around minus 55 degrees F. Today it is much better, around minus 18 degrees F.
To Mrs. Shuwarger's fifth grade class: Did you discover the different species of seals that are found in Antarctica? Post a comment to the blog and let me know the names of the seals you were able to find.

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Cat said...

Hi Don,

Meghan Peak with Forest Life is doing a story on your for the second week in October. She is going to try and reach you by email and by your blog. I told her your schedule, and asked if she could se press release, but she wanted to ask you a couple of short questions in addition to it. I told her about he education you are doing with Briana's students and advised her to check out your blog.

Juts wanted to give you a heads up... hope all is well!

best, Catherine