Friday, September 5, 2008

Leaving for the Ice

The trip to the Ice is taken in two parts: first is the travel from Denver, CO to Christchurch, NZ; next is the trip from Christchurch to the Ice. I'm covering the former in this posting. We left Raytheon's headquarters in Denver a bit past 12 noon on Thursday, September 4th. The plane left DIA about 5:45 pm (MDT) to LAX. The plane from LAX left about 9 pm (PDT) and arrived in Auckland, NZ shortly after 5 am on Saturday, September 6th. Note the date change.

This is the current date and time for Christchurch, NZ:

The flight from Auckland to Christchurch got us in just before 9 am. A quick shuttle to the hotel where we found our rooms....were not ready. We stored our luggage and went exploring. Got back to the hotel and our rooms were ready. The rooms at Hotel So are very small by any standard, but contain a bed and shower. Right now, that's all I want. Here are some pictures from our travels.


ZenaShu said...

Hey there Big Brother! How about some pictures with you in them??!!??

Herb said...

Hi Doc--Tried to contact you prior to you leaving for the "ICE". I'm from Forest, VA. Spent two 13 month tours at McMurdo--1963 and 1967. Was involved in operaing the PM3A Nuclear Power Plant which was located on Observation Hill. I think some of the buildings are still there although the main plant buildings were removed in the 1972-1975 time frame. Would like to hear from you and Good Luck--You are in for an experience of a lifetime. Wouldn't trade my experience for nothing in this world.

Coleman Shuwarger said...

As your DAD I am extremely proud and envious of the adventure you are about to commence. I had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Holland, a retired physician, who was at Antarctica and he raved about the opportunity he had. He is now a resident of Wesminister-Canterbury in Lynchburg, VA and is eighty six years old. Thanks for the pictures,but like zenashu said "What about pictures of you" So long for now and good luck. DOD

Medic61 said...

I spot an EMS (or is it fire?) job shirt in one of those pictures! :)

Hope you're having a good time, Dad!